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Aggressive NK-cell leukemia

Aggressive NK-cell leukemia is a disease with an aggressive, systemic proliferation of natural killer cells (NK cells) and a rapidly declining clinical course.

It is also called aggressive NK-cell lymphoma.  ANKL is an Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-associated tumor most prevalent among Asian young adults. There is no standard treatment currently available for patients.


Positive for CD2, CD3, CD56, perforin, granzyme B, TIA-1, CCR5 and Negative for CD57


























       Immunophenotyping shows normal lymphocytes(green) and blasts cell(red). blast are positive for CD7, CD56, CD3dim/-, CD2dim/- and negative for cCD3, HLA-DR, CD5, MPO, CD79a, CD19, CD117, CD65, CD1a, CD4, CD8, CD33, CD34 and CD13



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