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White blood cells are like the bouncers of our bodies -- they look for potentially harmful, invading parties and try to give them the boot. Basophils are a particular type of bouncer who belong to the group of white blood cells known as the granulocytes. The granulocytes get their name because they appear to have granules on their surface when viewed under the microscope. The granules on the surface of the basophils take on a purplish-black color when they are stained.

Basophils are granulocytic white blood cells that are active in the inflammatory response. They are mostly found in the skin and mucosa tissues, which are the tissues lining the openings into the body. They represent about 1% of all white blood cells in the body.

Identification of basophil is difficult as it express lower in the blast window due which it merges with blast and make it difficult to identify. MORE

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