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No Events on Your Cytometer ?

Check your All Connections

check your all machine and computer connections

Pressure problems Check your machine pressure gauges, if the pressure is not up to the mark than restart your machine, if it doesn't work call service persons.

Blockages of tubing and flow chamber This is the common problem as the Cells are very sticky, and persons do not clean machine properly after each use. If you are seeing some events but not as many as you should, or your events are squished together on your scatter plots, it is likely that your cytometer is blocked. You can clean machine with detergent or bleach or hot water. Some labs use a syringe with tubing to move any blockages.

Cell clumps

Cell in sample can cause clumps for that you need to mix gently with pipette and also can filter then with the cell strainer

Cell in prepared sample has been destroyed and washed

check your machine with some other prepared sample as the events are coming or not, if not than your sample preparation was not good

Changes in settings check your experimental protocol setting for any change.

Laser or detector failure laser could be last and the bigger problem as if it was not working than you have to call your service person for repair


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